Achtung, baby

28 12 2015

Finally made it to the Neue Gallerie for the Berlin Metropolis exhibit.

Verdict: Ehhhhhh glad I went, slightly disappointed not more Otto Dix (tho’ this work is great), but taken with the work of John Heartfield (about whom I knew nothing prior to this exhibit) and pleased to see some of George Grosz’s work up close (although I didn’t know that there was more than ‘Metropolis’ painting: I was thinking of this one, but the Gallerie hung this one).

There were a fair number of movie stills and drawings for movie sets, which didn’t rock my world, but I’m sure would be of interest to film aficionados. There were a few fashion items (shoes, dresses, hats), and some architectural renderings. Oh, and Walter Ruttman’s Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis played on continuous loop; I watched about a third of it, but will catch the rest on YouTube.

I also checked out the (small) permanent collection, and, oh my, they have a number of Klimt’s—including the famous portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, which is, as expected, completely astonishing.

But what stood me still was this smaller piece by Klimt, Girl in the Foliage:

As noted, it’s small—less than 13×10—but man, there’s something about that face, her eyes, that I couldn’t stop looking at. I stood back, I went in close, I stood back. I left, I came back, left again, came back again.

It’s just. . . I . . . I lack the words for this image, for how it affects me, not mesmerizing, maybe mesmerizing. . . I don’t know. I can only repeat: it stood me still.

I can ask for nothing else.




4 responses

29 12 2015

cool, does it add something to yer studies of the period?

4 01 2016

You felt Exactly the way I did! I fell in love. Returned, went away, came back, and couldn’t understand why so many people wern’t even giving her a second look!!! And what a contrast in color and style next to Pale Face!!!!

9 01 2016

I have no idea what it is about this painting: the word “uncanny” comes to mind, but it’s not at all creepy; maybe “sublime”?

Anyway, it makes me more likely to see other exhibitions at the Neue Gallerie: even if I’m unsure about the exhibit, I know there’s at least one painting that’s worth the trip.

9 01 2016

@dmf It’s not related in any direct way, but given how much I’m diggin’ the Weimar scene, it made sense to go.

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